How is that for a topic, discussing being in debt and also discussing sex, and how they can be related. I’m sure to get some very polarised comments on this one.

However, as we will see, debt and sex can be related, and sometimes in an unfortunate way.

And oddly enough, as Brits, we would rather talk about sex than debt…debt is still a four letter word.

Our brief discussion here will only cover two (2) topics, although there are more, and they could be discussed ad nauseam. Our two topics to discuss in brief are, being in debt because of sex, and using sex to get out of debt.

Being in Debt Because of Sex

To begin with when discussing debt and sex, and this topic of being in debt due to sex, usually refers to having a sex addiction. And it is a real addiction. And it lends itself to our second topic below.

If someone has a sex addiction, they may use credit cards, borrow money off of credit cards, or take out loans under various pretences, and use the money to fund their sex addiction.

Just as someone with a gambling addiction may do the same. Addiction is addiction.

You hire escorts, visit brothels, hire various “ladies of the night”, or “men of the evening”, spending your money seeking out what your addiction is.

The NHS has more information on this here.

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Using Sex to Get Out of Debt

It is called the “oldest profession”, and it has been given some poorly chosen names and labels in the past, but the term “sex worker” is what is considered to be the correct term or label these days.

This topic is also a bit of larger one then finding oneself in debt due to sex as we will see.

A service is provided for an agreed fee.

How the service provider uses that fee, is up to them.

A sex worker may find themselves, being gender neutral here, as the worker can be male or female, or even transgender.

The fee provided may be used for living expenses, this is their job, they get paid and pay their monthly living expenses; which may include debts.

The fee could be used exclusively for debts, making some extra cash to get out of debt. And this is where things can turn ugly. People have found themselves in debt to an individual or company and be forced to use sex to get out of debt.

Recently is was uncovered some landlords were offering rooms to let, or places to live, with the rent being paid by having sex with the landlord.

While this has recently been in the news and discussed more openly, it has been around and gone on for many, many years.

It was uncovered many years ago in America, university students working as escorts, strippers, and sex workers, to fund their university degrees. The students knowingly and openly entered into the work, specifically to pay for university, and not be in debt.

So using sex to avoid being in debt.

An interesting idea, and a topic for another time.

There is much more than could be covered here regarding sex and debt, but this gives you the surface of the matter, and may cause one to think.

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