I am unsure if you can help me or not, but here goes.

I have been struggling with my bills and debts since the beginning of the lock down last year. I am now back in work, I work in retail, but I am not working as many shifts as I had in the past. My situation is that I am in rent arrears with my landlord. I have not received an eviction notice, but it must be on its way.

I am lost as to what to do?

I don’t want to leave my name, sorry.



And no problem about not leaving your name and staying anonymous, I understand.

I have a few questions that will help me advise you:

Sorry for all the questions, and these are just what comes to mind for now.

If your landlord is the council or a housing association, they should advise you on what you can do. Many councils have sold off their properties to housing associations, and the social landlords have an expectation of them to aid their residents.

Private landlords are in a bit of state of flux at the moment. Regulations are changing due to the Grenfell Tower tragedy, but have not come into full need to comply mode.

You need to speak to whomever is your landlord, explain your situation, and ask them also for advice.

Your rent is a priority bill, and as such you need to concentrate on paying it. If you have other debts, they become secondary to your rent, utilities, and food and things like that.

Get back to me, and we will form a plan to move forward.



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