When you buy a car, even if you pay cash for the car, one of the largest expenses you will have is the insurance. Yes, if you have a “lemon” of a car, repairs and maintenance can also be a huge expense, but the monthly insurance premium does not go away. If you want to drive your car on UK roadways and motorways, you are required by law to have insurance.

Drive without insurance, and yabba dabba doo, you will be fined and your car impounded.

The Biggest Mistake or Trick We Do To Lower Our Car Insurance

I am not including this little magic act in the 8 mistakes or ways we could have an insurance claim denied because it is not really a mistake, but an overt act, and we knowingly do this, and that is using someone else’s address for our car insurance.

Insurers use post codes to rate car insurance policies and the policy’s premium.

Some post codes have higher rates of thefts, and car accidents, other post codes may have lower rates of thefts and accidents.

Insurers want to know where a car is parked at night for insurance reasons, and to rate the policy. By using a different address than your own, you may be able to lower your insurance costs, but technically this is fraud. Should you need to place a claim later on, that claim could be denied, leaving you well out of pocket.

So what are the 8 mistakes we as drives can make that could invalidate our car insurance and have a claim denied?

8 Mistakes to Invalidate Your Car Insurance

As you can see, some of these mistakes are innocent enough, but still enough to have an insurance claim denied.

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