I need a loan to buy a car as I have found a job, but the location for work is not on any bus routes, in addition the job is working unsocial hours. I don’t need an expensive car, just a reliable one to get to and from work. The problem is I have bad credit from my past, and no one will approve me for a loan. I really need the car and lost as to what I can.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.




You do have some options, but first have you reviewed your credit file and credit score to see what is on your credit report?

You may wish to do this so you know where things stand, and also correct any errors or omissions that may on it.

Next there are things you can do to improve your credit score, you may want to read here about how to go about this. Improving your credit score will help in the future when applying for credit.

In order to get a loan now, you may need to seek out a guarantor, a friend or family member who can guarantee the loan for you.

You can also inquire with some car dealerships as to if they have any “in-house” financing, and what other options they may have.

You could also save up for a large deposit for the car and loan. The larger the deposit you have the more likely a lender will grant the loan.



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