I left debts back in my home country in the EU about 19 years ago. Then today I was contacted via email by a collection agency in that country demanding I pay this incredible amount of money. I believe I owed £3,000 when I left and now they are demanding £18,000 from me. I understand interest being charged, but that is a lot of interest.

I am lost as to what to do?? Can the collection agency in the EU collect the account here in the UK? And what can they do?




I think the real issue here is the statute of limitations on collecting a debt from or in your home country in the EU.

You need to seek legal advice or research what is the statue of limitations for collecting a debt in that country, as 19 years is a long time period to pass to try and collect an account. Also, the amount they are asking seems extortionate.

If the account is sold or assigned to a collection agency in the UK, the UK collection agency can collect the debt here in the UK, but they have to use UK rules and laws. You also have all the debt management and insolvency options in the UK at your disposal.

I would advise not entering into any agreements to repay the account until you research or get legal advice on the statute to collect an account.

If you can give me more details on the time line and what country, I can research this for you as well.



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