I recently moved house and where I am now living is a different post code and in checking my car insurance, it will go up by over £500! That is a huge increase. However, if I use my parent’s address, my insurance is much cheaper.

I know using a different address can be considered wrong to do, but my car will be parked at my parent’s house a couple of days a week. And how would the insurance company even find out.




I think you know the answer to what you are considering.

Insurers want to know where the car will be parked at night, most nights. In addition, the DVLA requires you to change your address on your license when you move.

As to how the insurer may find out the car is not at your new address the majority of the time, the DVLA address needs to match with your insurance policy.

In addition, should you have an accident or need to place a claim, the claim could be denied due to the incorrect address. This could leave you seriously out of pocket, and depending on the nature of the accident, in serious debt.

Contact your insurer and let them know of your situation, and that car will be between two address, and see what they say.

You could also look into limiting your annual mileage, and also raising your excess to reduce your insurance premiums.



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