When my daughter moved out and wanted her own place to live, no estate agent or landlord would rent to her. She was young and had no credit history or any rental history. She found a place she really liked and the landlord, a private landlord, said they would let the flat to her, but she needed a guarantor. So she asked me to be her guarantor. I said yes, and she had a 6 month short-term tenancy agreement, but after 3 months didn’t like it there and moved in with her friends.

Her landlord is now asking me to pay the remaining 3 months rent on her flat, which she no longer lives at.

I can afford to pay the rent, but don’t feel like I should be held responsible for the rent, my daughter should pay it.

Any advice?




You may need to sit down and have a chat with your daughter over this. It is difficult to advise in family matters.

The fact is if you are the guarantor for the rent on the flat, and if your daughter does not pay that rent, the landlord is within their rights to ask you to pay the rent. Should both of you fail to pay the rent, the landlord can seek out various collection tools at their disposal to collect the remaining rent. These collection efforts could have an affect on your credit.

Let me know how you get on with this.



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