And this question does not pertain to a Visa, like a credit card, but a Visa to live here in the UK.

This is a Well Asked Question

One of the many questions I have been asked over the years, again and again, and it does not fade away, is that of being in debt, or owing money and getting approved for a Visa to live in the UK.

The answer is in the majority of instances, no. Owing money or being in debt, either here in the UK or in any other country, is not something that the Home Office reviews or looks at to be approved for a Visa.

For the majority of Visa’s to stay in the UK, there are a few things that are reviewed depending on the type of Visa:

As you see, for the most part, no questions on debt.

Asylum seekers are a different matter, and yet again, no issues or questions regarding debts.

The Various Types of UK Visa’s

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, as immigration laws and rules change regularly.

There are others, such as if you can show you are rich enough to live here and not cost the government or tax payer any money, you can be granted a stay.

None of these barring the rich person’s Visa and also any Visa related to opening a business, looks at financial records. So no looking at debt(s).

UK Citizenship and Being in Debt

There is a “good character” clause or portion on the UK citizenship application.

If you have CCJ’s, or have been bankrupt, you may worry about disclosing this and being denied citizenship.

The definition of good character is what needs to be looked at here.

If you are in a repayment plan with your debts, and have addressed them, and have not just run away, is that not showing good character.

One area that also confuses and can be an issue is if you apply for a Visa and have CCJ’s or other judgments against you. These may be looked at closer to see why you have them. As to if they will be an issue for your Visa, that is a decision the Home Office would make.

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