I am getting a DBS done for a new job I am starting, and I am concerned due to some debts I have.

I had paid my bills and accounts on time, but when I lost my job last year I fell into arrears, and had to make reduced monthly payments, which my creditors accepted, but it has affected my credit.

My creditors told me by not paying the minimum monthly payment, my credit would be damaged.

Now I am worried that the accounts will show up on my police check.





A DBS or Disclosure and Barring Service is a police or criminal background check, for crimes. Do you know if your employer is have a basic or enhanced DBS done?

Owing money, being in debt, and even being in arrears with bills is not a crime, so these are not reported on a DBS.

If your employer uses a credit check as a part of the hiring process, you would be notified and hae to give your permission for this credit check to be done.

I hope this helps.



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