My partner and I of 10 years have decided to get married, we are both well into our 60’s. He has his own business and does well, but he also has a lot of outstanding debts with the company. He is a sole trader and the debts he owes are in just his name.

My question is this, will I become responsible for these debts when we get married?

We have never lived together but will live together once we marry.

I am a bit worried as I own my own home.

Thank you.




Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials.

Just by getting married and living together does not make you responsible for your partner’s, now husband’s debts. As long as the accounts are in just his name or the company’s name, you are not liable for them.

If your name were on any of the accounts, then yes, you would be responsible, but if the accounts are only in his name, you are not responsible, even by marriage or living together.

Enjoy the wedding.



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