Hi Jon,

My partner and I are taking a break from our relationship and I am in the process of having all the bills on our flat transferred to just her name. We have both agreed on this. The question or issue is that the landlord will not transfer the tenancy agreement to just her, he insists it stay in both our names. There is 9 months left on the agreement, and I am worried this may affect me being able to let a new place to live.




You ask a good question and it is a situation common to many couples, however, that does not make it any easier for you.

Your current landlord is within their rights to not change the tenancy agreement and relieve you of any liability or obligation on the property. Having both of you on the tenancy agreement insures or strengthens their position.

Unfortunately this can impact you being able to sign a new tenancy agreement elsewhere. It will depend on what your new potential landlord or an estate agent does in vetting you for a new place to live.

There are no easy answers here.

You can try to find a new place to live, and see how that process goes.

There are times when couples live together when not actually together as a couple, as there are no other living arrangement options. Not ideal, and it can be awkward, but it does happen.

I will give some more thought to this and let you know.



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