I have debts totally around £15,000 and no way to repay them. I cannot work due to poor health and am now only receiving benefits.

I do not own any property, and can barely afford to live on what I receive.

I need to be done with these debts.

What can I do?




I understand and know being in debt with no light at the end of the tunnel can be a stressful situation. You need to concentrate on your health first and foremost.

If you have no assets, and no left over income or benefits after your living expenses, it sounds as though a Debt Relief Order may be a solution.

You could offer token payments, but the debts stay there and would never go away. With a DRO, you are out of debt in 12 months.

Debt Relief Orders are for people who:

The cost for a DRO is £90, and it is like a mini-bankruptcy. You are in the DRO for a period of 12 months, and then it is discharged. When it is discharged all your debts are discharged as well, you no longer owe them.

I hope this helps.



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