I am living in the UK under a ILR and am now seeking Citizenship.

In completing the application to become a UK Citizen there are questions related to good character.

I have lived in the UK for over 10 years, and have found myself in debt, and I have a CCJ, and also I am in a Debt Management Plan.

I am maintaining my monthly payments, but am worried that this debt will cause me to not become a UK Citizen.





The Good Character part of the UK Naturalisation application can seem a bit worrying, and also confusing, as what determines “good character”.

There have been some changes for some Naturalisation applications depending on the nature of who is applying, so it is always best to check with the Home Office regarding this.

Basically, the UK does not want to allow those who are not of a good character to become Citizens. But that is a broad stroke, good character.

To my knowledge and experience, being in debt, having CCJ’s, etc, is not an issue in applying for Naturalisation, as long as the debts are being dealt with.

You already have Indefinite Leave to Remain, did these debts and financial issues come about after you received your ILR?

By being a Debt Management Plan, you are admitting and addressing the accounts/debts. In essence curing them.

That shows good character.

You are not running away from your responsibilities. And that is the argument to be made for your Citizenship.

I would be curious as to if you have any problems, especially if you are forthcoming with the accounts, and that you are dealing with them.

Have you taken the Life in the UK test yet?

I have found with other clients, once they take and pass this test, due to the fact they have ILR, the Naturalisation process flows very quickly. And the ceremony once you get Citizenship, is very nice.

I hope this helps.



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