I left some debts behind in Dubai, and am now being contacted by the bank there. They are saying they are going to report me to Interpol and have me arrested. Can they do that?




I understand your concerns, and have a few questions.

How much debt did you leave behind?

When did you leave Dubai?

How long ago did you leave?

What country are you residing in currently?

I ask as debt or unpaid accounts in Dubai, is a crime according to their laws, an Warrants can be issued, however, the Warrants are only good there.

The threat of having your name placed with Interpol, or having Interpol stop you and arrest you, is just that a threat.

If you review Interpol’s web site, they are an International Criminal Police Organization. They do not chase people for unpaid bills, accounts, or debts.

So no worries there.

If you get back to me with more details, I can look into this further for you.



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