Hi Jon,

I lived in the UK in 2005 for 1 year, and left leaving behind an unpaid mobile phone bill, a credit card bill, and a small loan of about £500. I left the UK to move back home in Canada. I am now hoping to go back to the UK on a holiday once all the restrictions are lifted.

Will I be stopped at the airport when I land in London for unpaid bills?

Thank you,




I understand your concerns, and hopefully will put your mind at ease.

A couple of questions:

When did you last have any contact with those you owe here in the UK?

What was the outcome of that last contact? Was it an email, post, phone call?

I ask as since your debts are from 2005, which is now 16 years ago, they may be no longer owed, or what is called Statute Barred.

If a creditor has not had contact with you, in any form, for a period of six (6) years, a debt is said to be Statute Barred, or no longer owed.

Regardless if the accounts are Statute Barred, you will not be stopped or detained entering the UK for owing money or having debts alone. Leaving an unpaid account behind is not a reason to be stopped.

Enjoy your holiday here when you can travel.



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