I am a UK Citizen and married my husband who is a US Citizen. Can my husband be granted a UK spouse Visa if he has debts in the US?





I understand your question, and congratulations on your marriage.

Last I checked, there are no questions related to debt(s) on a UK spouse Visa. The Home Office is more concerned with how you will support yourselves. Which means, and asks the question, do you meet the UK Immigration Office’s level of income to sponsor your husband for his Visa?

Depending on your full circumstance, the minimum income required is £18,600, more if you have children.

So the debts owed in the USA should not be an issue.

There may be some questions as to where the marriage took place. Was it in the UK, or outside the UK?

As to the debts your husband has in America, can he afford to repay them? Can he continue to make payments?

If not, the US creditors may chase him for payments, but they have no authority here in the UK. However, if the accounts are sold or assigned to a UK collection agency, they can then be collected here in accord with UK laws and rules.

However again, the debts alone should not impact your husband being able to apply for and receive a spouse Visa.

I hope this helps.



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